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Started by ramakant.sharma24, Feb 15, 2023, 01:03 AM

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What distinguishes Carrier One Dallas from other providers such as https://hosting.carrierone.com/?

Carrier One Dallas boasts an office in Equinix Dallas DA3 (Infomart Building) and 12 additional kiosks in Evocative. They offer 24/7/365 access to lockable cabinets that include completely locked ½ and ¼ compartments for multiple cabins. This ensures that customers are not sharing open space with others who may disconnect cables or use their power.

In terms of technical support, Carrier One has its own specialists who assemble and repair servers, maintain their physical network, and manage cross connections. Additionally, they provide a 208V power supply by default which sets them apart from most other colocation suppliers in Dallas who only offer 120V at low amperage.

Carrier One also operates DWDM equipment to connect sites in Dallas with multipath dark fiber and 1+1 optical channel protection, offering 100G backhaul and metro client connections, while ensuring that their fiber-optic paths do not intersect in the same conduit. They even create their own servers and offer a variety of server and storage options tailored to customer needs.

Regarding pricing and options, Carrier One offers commitments for 12 months and free installation, rack, and stack. Full cabinets range from $349 to $6799 with various power options available for additional fees. Circuits are also available starting at $239 per month with different voltage and amperage options. Cross-connections can be made with Equinix DA1/DA3/DA6/DA11 carriers for $175 MRC/$250 NRC or with other providers for $250 MRC/$300 NRC.