Server rental USA, Netherlands

Started by AvniShergill, Oct 11, 2022, 04:39 AM

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RICHHost offers a range of services, including server rental, hosting services, domain name purchase, SSL certificates, and colocation. Hosting services can be ordered from either Holland or the USA and include Bitrix hosting, cloud hosting, and Windows hosting.

RICHHost is licensed to store and process European customer data, and has a D.U.N.S. number and an EV SSL certificate, allowing them to work with businesses in Europe and the USA.

The advantages of American and Dutch hosting include favorable pricing, unlimited traffic due to broadband internet access, customer-oriented business practices, efficient support services, and the ability to order hosting with ISPmanager or cPanel panels.

Server rental options are available in both the Netherlands and the USA. Additionally, RICHHost provides colocation services, domain name purchases, and SSL certificates.

Customers can expect configured software, 24/7 power supply, stable internet channels, and professional support when renting servers or purchasing hosting services from RICHHost. The service features a variety of tariff plans and affordable prices, with payment options including PayPal, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Qiwi, and more.

For sales inquiries, customers can contact RICHHost at during working hours. Technical support can be accessed through or in the personal billing account.