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Started by rishisab, Oct 18, 2022, 12:45 AM

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I found a colocation service in Hong Kong that I would like to see if is available in America. Have any of you come across this service?

We're in the process of linking up crypto exchanges and require the proximity of servers.

In addition, we need a data center that can provide us with 24/7 technical support and quality service.

As a suggestion, it may be worth checking out various colocation providers in the United States to ensure that all needs are met.


Hong Kong search engines seem to be the only ones that are overloaded with information regarding colocation providers in the area.

Some notable options for colocation services in Hong Kong are HostDime, Datacentermap, Telehouse, and Quotecolo, as well as

Personally, I've struggled with finding the right colocation provider recently, but I have come across potential solutions such as Kamatera and Gigsgigscloud for dedicated servers.

I'm also considering working with Huawei cloud, but have faced some challenges with their support team being slow to respond.


There were a couple of issues that arose with Digital Ocean, including the loss of account access and sluggish virtual machines. As a result, we migrated to Hetzner Cloud for several servers, with Amazon serving as the production system.

Although Linode and Scaleway offer more affordable options than AWS, they aren't necessarily superior to Digital Ocean.

While I can't say anything negative about Hetzner Cloud in particular, we've been running a couple dozen virtual machines for two years now and have only experienced equipment issues once in that time. Ultimately, it's all about finding the right balance between quality and price.