CorporateColo in LAX closing?

Started by natmir, Jun 22, 2022, 11:21 AM

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natmirTopic starter

I have been notified that is shutting down and I am required to relocate all my equipment. Additionally, all IP services will cease on June 15th, 2022.
I'm seeking suggestions for any reliable service providers in Los Angeles who can offer competitive pricing, and match or exceed a competitor's price. My requirements are minimal, including 1/4 cabinet, 10 amps, and /25 IPv4.


It seems logical to assume that they filed for bankruptcy last year, given the evidence found here:
It is intriguing that they did not attempt to transfer their customers to their other company/location, but it's possible that this was legally restricted. It's uncertain how many clients they have in LA, as we explored using them several years ago but ultimately decided against it.


It's disheartening to learn that CorporateColo is closing down, as they were an exceptional business. I hope that all customers are able to retrieve their equipment before the shutdown.


I myself used the services of this supplier and now I need to look for a replacement. Can anyone advise me on an alternative in Los Angeles? Thanks in advance.


I require a dedicated server located in Los Angeles that meets the following specifications:
- Xeon E3 processor
- 32GB RAM
- 10 RAID SSD drives
- 1 Gb port
- 8TB traffic capacity
- /28 IP address allocation
- Strong connectivity to Asia.


I'm sorry to hear about the shutdown of I can help you with some suggestions for reliable service providers in Los Angeles who may be able to meet your requirements. Here are a few options:

1. Equinix: Equinix is a well-known data center provider with a presence in Los Angeles. They offer colocation services along with various connectivity options.

2. Digital Realty: Digital Realty is another reputable data center provider that operates in Los Angeles. They offer a range of colocation solutions and have a strong network infrastructure.

3. CoreSite: CoreSite is a leading provider of colocation and interconnection services. They have facilities in Los Angeles and can provide the space, power, and connectivity you require.

4. CyrusOne: CyrusOne is a global data center provider that also has a presence in Los Angeles. They offer flexible colocation solutions and can cater to your specific needs.

Contact these providers directly to discuss your requirements in detail and get accurate pricing information. Additionally, you may want to compare their offerings and negotiate with them to match or exceed a competitor's price.