Hosting with ftp

Started by _XyJIuGaN_, Apr 07, 2023, 02:53 AM

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_XyJIuGaN_Topic starter

I am looking for hosting sites that offer ftp access for creating a website. Do you know any platforms that provide this feature?


FTP protocol is supported by all paid hosting services, such as AL-Hosting, E-Planet, and EuroByte. It is worth noting that not all free hosting companies offer FTP access.
Additionally, to transfer the finalized files of your new website pages from your computer's disk to the hosting server, you can utilize various FTP client programs, including the popular and free FileZilla Client program.


When you register a domain name and purchase hosting services from any provider, you are typically given access to various features, including FTP, email, and more. These offerings are available to help you effectively manage your website and its associated functionalities.