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Started by Helen, Jul 05, 2022, 05:10 AM

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Now there are many services for substituting your IP address. I do not want to list, my choice was Windskribe application is on a laptop and phone. Very simple and easy to use.


Quote from: Helen on Jul 05, 2022, 05:10 AMNow there are many services for substituting your IP address. I do not want to list, my choice was Windskribe application is on a laptop and phone. Very simple and easy to use.
There are a lot of services, paid or free, such as VPN, there are browser applications that will replace your IP address. Also the country of residence, if necessary.


Changing the IP is very convenient if you need to go to a blocked site for a specific country. I do not like to install extra applications either on a computer or on a phone. Therefore, I use the VPN built into the browser to change the IP address. Very convenient and completely free.


Windscribe is among the many companies that offer VPN technology to bypass internet resource blocking, but what sets it apart is its free service. Unlike most free VPNs that are based in China and make money by selling user data, Windscribe is legally based in Canada and claims to not engage in such practices. Registration only requires an email and users get 10GB of traffic per month for free, with regular coupons to increase the limit.

The program is easy to use and requires minimal hardware resources, with a killswitch function to protect users' real IP addresses from exposure. The default protocol used is IKEv2, but users have the option to enable OpenVPN TCP/UDP or a special protocol for masking traffic. Paid services are available for $2 a month for unlimited traffic and access to one paid location, or $49 a year for access to all locations. However, the stability of paid services is not too different from free ones, as servers go down regularly and technical support is lacking.

Despite being founded by immigrants from the CIS, there is no evidence of any nefarious activities from the company or its connection to special services. Overall, Windscribe is a good free service, but for a better quality paid service, users may want to consider other options.


You can use a VPN, you can also enable and disable the modem, the IP will automatically change. But it will change only within the radius of the addresses of its own provider. But if you want to be from Germany or France, for example, you need a special utility or proxy server. For simple surfing on the network with a change of IP, you can use the Tor browser - very convenient. And if changing the IP is required for other programs to work, not just the browser, you need utilities for changing the IP, such as SafeIP, MyProxy or NProxy.


Windscribe is a virtual private network (VPN) service that employs advanced encryption algorithms to secure your internet connection. When you use Windscribe, your data is encrypted before it leaves your device and is sent through a secure tunnel to Windscribe's servers. This means that your IP address is not visible to external entities, providing a layer of anonymity and security. Additionally, Windscribe offers features such as a firewall and ad blocker to further enhance your protection against online threats.

By using Windscribe, your IP address is effectively shielded from potential cyber attacks, surveillance, and tracking. With your IP address hidden, your online activities remain private and untraceable, safeguarding your digital identity and personal information. Windscribe not only protects your IP address but also ensures that your data remains confidential and secure while you browse the internet, regardless of your location or the network you are connected to. This level of protection is crucial in today's digital landscape, where cyber threats are omnipresent, making Windscribe a valuable tool for maintaining online privacy and security.