Accepting bitcoin payments, how to implement

Started by madijay, Mar 03, 2023, 12:15 AM

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madijayTopic starter

I need to set up a game server that can accept payment for donations from foreign players, and automatically add the donations to these players' accounts in the database once the payment is confirmed. I have searched for examples but cannot find anything suitable.

Has anyone faced this task before? Specifically, I need a form with two fields - one for the character name to charge funds on and the other for the donation amount (which will be automatically converted to bitcoins on the day of payment). Once the player presses the donate button, they will be prompted to transfer the specified amount of bitcoins to a designated address. After the transaction is confirmed 3-6 times, a callback to the script will occur on our website, and the values will be added to the database.

If anyone has implemented something similar or knows of any ready-made modules or forms for receiving donations, please let me know. Additionally, if anyone can arrange this for a fee, please message me privately. Thanks.


To set up a payment system using bitcoin, start by installing bitcoind on your server from

When a user wants to make a payment, generate a new wallet and give it to them to use for payment. Once the payment is made and a new block is received, bitcoind will execute a script that you specified in the configuration of the bitcoin.conf daemon (such as blocknotify=/usr/bin/php /usr/share/bitcoind/blocknotify.php %s).

This script should run through the transactions and allocate the appropriate loot to the users.


Based on the new introductory comments, it seems that there are no ready-made solutions for this task. However, I have come across a similar solution once in the form of WordPress plugins.

The core idea is to set up a table with donation information in your database, including the user ID, assigned address for replenishment, and balance. The address is generated on your server through the Bitcoin daemon, allowing you to track incoming transactions (either via the blockchain API or by monitoring address activity). Once the payment is confirmed, the transaction amount should be added to the user's balance field in the database.


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As the cryptocurrency payment processing sector is still in the early stages of development, there are currently few convenient services available for cryptocurrency payments. One optimal option is the CryptoCloud service.

To connect to CryptoCloud, you simply need to register an account (using only your email address), add your project information, and choose a connection method through a ready-made module or API. After a one-hour integration process, you can start accepting cryptocurrency on your project.

CryptoCloud offers many benefits, including no transaction fees, simple merchant moderation, quick fund withdrawals, invoicing options, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, users are protected against DDoS attacks and data is encrypted for security. The service also offers the unique ability to purchase cryptocurrencies directly on the payment page, which can be especially useful for foreign buyers.

Integration with CryptoCloud can benefit any business, as the service is designed for developers and provides a user-friendly interface for automating cryptocurrency payments. Payment links can be created to redirect customers to a form for easy payment.

Unlike banks or traditional electronic wallets, CryptoCloud does not freeze your funds and charges a commission exclusively for fund withdrawals. The rest of the service is completely free.

By integrating cryptoprocessing into your project, you can expand to international payments quickly and improve your financial results. Cryptocurrencies provide a solution for entrepreneurs facing restrictions on electronic payments due to sanctions.

It remains uncertain how long the situation will persist, but for now, cryptocurrencies offer a valuable alternative that cannot be impacted by sanctions.