Is there a good mobile apps for crypto?

Started by SofProko, Aug 24, 2022, 02:35 PM

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Having gained a fair amount of experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, I have identified the specific digital currency I wish to invest in and keep track of the exchange rate. Recently, I have found myself with some spare cash which I thought would be an opportune time to make an investment.

However, considering my job doesn't allow me much access to a computer, I am contemplating using a mobile application for convenience. Nevertheless, given the prevalence of scams related to cryptocurrencies these days, I am hesitant to risk having my account information stolen, as happened to my cousin who had nothing to do with investing.

Moreover, I am also interested in teaching cryptocurrency operations to my parents, but they have vision problems so I believe it would be easier for them to use an application, but only if it is safe. I know it sounds unusual, but my parents are pretty modern. So, do you have any recommendations for a secure application?


I prefer to use a Trust wallet for keeping my cryptocurrency assets safe since it is decentralized and provides security through the seed phrase. The application also supports many blockchain networks such as erc20, near, matic, dot, among others.

Having a reliable wallet to store your cryptocurrencies is one of the crucial steps towards securing your digital assets. Trust wallet not only guarantees the safety of your investments but also offers access to various blockchain networks, making it an all-inclusive solution for crypto enthusiasts.


The mobile application is an excellent tool for trading the most popular assets, such as stocks, commodities, and indices. It specializes in tokenized assets, and traders can access over 2,100 tokens. The application features high-speed processing and provides advanced technical analysis tools such as reliable technical indicators and customizable charts. Traders can also take advantage of risk management tools like guaranteed stop-loss and protection against negative balance.

Betonix is a straightforward mobile application suitable for beginners and experienced traders alike. It offers all the main tools for stock trading, and users can use one account across different devices. The application's multilingual feature allows users to switch to their preferred language with ease. Traders can use limit/market and stop-limit orders and track their trading history. The app provides dynamic price charts and sends users notifications when their orders execute.

EXMO is an exchange mobile application that requires authorization to access its features. It offers functions like buying and selling tokens, creating and canceling orders, and displays transaction history in a separate tab. The application's convenient charts allow traders to track price changes over time, and there is a chat function available for communication with other participants. Users note a stable operation of the application and real-time display of data, which helps them track the value of tokens. Technical support is well established and available around the clock.

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, having access to reliable mobile applications can make trading more accessible and secure. These apps provide a wide range of tools for traders to analyze and manage their investments, and with careful research, users can find the best solution for their needs.


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one of the best apps for trading cryptocurrencies are Cash App, Gemini, Crypto Pro, Block Fi, Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Robin hood, and others. There are thousands of apps you can use to trade crypto, but the best apps for trading cryptocurrency have low fees and are secure.