Dedicated webservers✔️Premium Specs ✔️Worldwide Locations ✔️Crypto Accepted ✔️

Started by nesterland, Dec 05, 2022, 12:01 AM

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nesterlandTopic starter

We have a variety of dedicated Supermicro servers available for just $68 per month with free same-day installation and unlimited bandwidth. All servers come with free OS and IPMI, and we offer servers in the USA, Canada, and Frankfurt at competitive prices.

Our specialty is providing favorable offers for bulk orders, and we beat our competitors. If you don't see your configuration on a large number of servers, please don't hesitate to contact us for competitive prices and individual assembly. We provide automatic Linux deployment and full root access, as well as remote power management and backup power supply.

In addition to monthly payments and a service level agreement offering 100% uptime, we accept PayPal/Wire/WU and encryption. We also offer five different server options based on your needs: Sampler, Beginner, Advanced, High-End, and Ultimate, ranging from $74 to $309 per month.

To learn more about our special offers, visit our website at or contact us at