Dual E5-2660 servers in Dallas, $58/m

Started by apolice9, Dec 29, 2022, 07:52 AM

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apolice9Topic starter

We currently have Dual E5-2660 servers available for purchase which come with DDoS protection up to 10 Gbps and are located in Dallas, Texas.

In addition, we also offer our AS number AS62633 which will soon be released.

All of our dedicated servers have the necessary components and are ready to be deployed.

If you're interested in purchasing, please visit our website at https://www.serverdime.com

Please note that mining or mining-like activities are prohibited on servers worth less than $70 and sending spam or mass mailings using our services is also prohibited.

Refunds for dedicated servers will only be given if we are unable to fulfill our obligations in a timely manner or if there are issues with our network or equipment.