Singapore E3 16GB Dedi For $54/m - AntiDDoS/BGP Available

Started by TheSecfS, Dec 16, 2022, 07:20 AM

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Since the end of 2011, we have been providing website hosting solutions for startup projects, companies, and young entrepreneurs in a local city in Indonesia. In May 2014, we expanded our operations into the unmanaged Dedi and VPS market worldwide in line with international trade. We are proud to have many satisfied customers.

Please note that this channel is not intended for support. To get in touch with us, please use our ticket support system. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We currently have a limited number of dedicated servers available. They will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Latecomers may miss out, so act fast! Here are the details:

E3-1230v2 / E3-1270v2 / E3-1265Lv3 / E3-1275Lv3 / E3-1270Lv4/E5 (random)
HDD 2 TB or SSD 400 GB (up to 4 compartments)
1 IPv4 address (IPv6 is also available)
The total port is 100 Mbit or 10 TB via 1 Gbit (also announced IP/BGP)
Price: $54/month

Add-Ons (SGBUDGET only):
32 GB RAM - $20 per month.
1x480 GB SSD - $15 per month
1x960 GB SSD - $25 per month
1x4 TB hard drive - $15 per month
2x2 TB HDD - $15 per month
2x4 TB Hard drive - $35 per month
2x200 GB SSD - $15 per month
2x480 GB SSD - $35 per month
2x960 GB SSD - $ 55 per month
Additional IP address - $6 per IP address per month (spam or mass mailing is prohibited)
Windows 2012/2016/2019 Standard - $ 45 per month
Unlimited 1 Gbit/sec - $ 350/month
30 TB on a 1 Gbit/sec port - $40 per month
Unlimited 1 Gbit ports - $ 350/month.
IP Announcement - $40/month

E3-1230v5 Skylake 3.4GHz, up to 4 channels
2 1 TB hard drives or 1 240 GB solid-state drive
3000 GB bandwidth in a premium network with a low latency of 1 Gbit/s with Direct China IP / mirror test on
1 IPv4 + IPv6
Price: $349/month without installation fee, with monthly contract. Additional discounts for a long time

Add-Ons (SGPREMIUM-1 only):
32 GB of RAM - $35 per month.
64 GB of RAM - $90 per month.
2x2 TB HDD - $35 per month
2x240 GB SSD - $35 per month
2x512 GB SSD - $ 55 per month
2x1 TB SSD - 110 USD per month
Additional IP - $3 / IP / month (spam or mail is prohibited)
1 TB of additional bandwidth - $25 per month
Windows 2012 R2 Standard - $45 per month.
Publishing IP address ranges - One-time setup of 550 USD, 250 USD per month
IP address for protection against DDoS attacks in Singapore up to 20 Gbit - 250 USD per month
IP address of DDoS protection in Singapore up to 40 Gbit - USD 750 per month

Installation time is 24-48 hours, no installation fee. Proportional calculation before the 1st day of each month

You can choose any Linux or Windows operating system. Please fill in the recommendation form with your details. Note that you may be charged an additional fee for licensed OS.

For further hardware/HDD/SSD/RAM/IP configuration and stock requests, please contact us through our ticket support system.

Legal Summary
Please make regular backups of your own data, as we do not guarantee the integrity of any information and are not liable for any damage. All services are provided "as is," and IndoVirtue is not responsible for any loss your business may suffer.

Take advantage of our 99.9% uptime guarantee, with the exception of scheduled maintenance and DDoS attacks. Claims under the Service Level Agreement are accepted only in the form of a credit on the account.

If you do not subscribe to DDoS protection, your network will be invalid if your server is attacked by DDoS. Services will be restored upon resolution of the attack.

Lastly, please note that TOR, аdult content/pоrnography, viruses/worms/Trojans, and copyrighted content are strictly prohibited. You will have twenty-four hours to respond to any complaints.