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Started by Ravina123, Aug 15, 2022, 02:41 AM

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Which anti-ddos services are recommended for game servers?

Despite my efforts to find suitable services via Google, they either lack UDP support or L7 protection, or prohibit configuration of rules (though I'd prefer not to modify them myself).

I'm aware of srvgame and myarena, but I'm unsure of their ability to handle serious threats, given that most clients only require minimal protection. There was a post by the owner of srvgame that claimed they could pay a small fee on Telegram to take down myarena, but I understand that such claims are hard to verify.

Moreover, the bandwidth of srvgame is limited to only 100Mbps, which may not be sufficient at times. Also, all dedicated servers have already been sold out with no indication when more will become available.

It's worth mentioning that these aren't traffic cleaning options; therefore, current servers cannot simply add protection as an add-on. Thus, alternatives are welcome.


What does a game project entail?

Based on statistics, daily DDoS attacks range from 5 gigabits to 200 gigabits (quite a lot). Additionally, standard of 50-80 gigabits twice weekly is not uncommon.

The problem lies not in filtering attacks but rather the cost required to accept and filter them.

For example, filtering 80 gigabits can cost upwards of $10,000 per month. While it may be feasible for a single project to take advantage of "free percentages," hosting providers cannot rely solely on the "free 95%" due to the frequency of attacks and high number of clients.

Moreover, even if ten projects are willing to pay $30K per month, the combined total would only be $5K. This falls short of the required $10K needed for protective channels and equipment, as well as any additional earnings.

It's crucial to recognize that connection and communication issues can happen beyond just hosting providers, which can be difficult for some gamers to comprehend.


There may be some exceptions, but in terms of hosting providers, we are referring to the majority of clients who determine the distribution of hosting providers.

As team-voice highlighted, the expenses incurred (financially, reputation-wise, and in terms of human resources) outweigh any payments.


I will say this, gamers are protected because they paid for it. The point is not that there is or is not an opportunity, but as far as it is generally expedient in monetary terms. I'll put it another way, you can protect a game project, but he can't pay for it. Most often, the amount of expenses, both financial and human resources, is not comparable to payments.


I'm aware of one hosting provider who only sends a notification when a small attack occurs that doesn't affect server operations or all capacities. Additional measures are taken when an attack begins to cause interference, which may be similar to your current situation.

It's difficult to determine what kind of attack occurred and which ones Hetzner can handle without any issues, as opposed to those that require intervention.

It's essential to understand that if a hypothetical 40Gbps UDP flood reaches the hosting provider, no one would tolerate it without taking some action, and protection cannot be free since it's included in the cost of service.


Firstly, it's important to understand your specific DDoS protection needs. Different game servers may have varying requirements, so assess your situation carefully. Look for services that provide both UDP support and Layer 7 (L7) protection since these are crucial in defending against game server attacks.

If you're concerned about the ability of certain services to handle serious threats, consider reaching out to the providers directly to discuss your concerns and understand their capabilities better. Ask for references or testimonials from other customers who have dealt with similar threats.

Aside from srvgame and myarena, there may be other reputable anti-DDoS service providers you can explore. Look for well-established companies with a track record in protecting game servers. Check for user reviews, ratings, and feedback from other server operators to gauge the effectiveness and reliability of their services.

In situations where dedicated servers are not available or bandwidth is limited, you could consider using a cloud-based DDoS protection service. These services often provide scalable protection, allowing you to adjust resources as needed during peak times or when facing larger attacks.

Alternatively, you might want to investigate if there are any traffic cleaning options available that can be added to your existing servers. While you mentioned this isn't your preferred solution, it may be worth considering if it provides the necessary level of protection and meets your requirements.

Ultimately, finding the right anti-DDoS service for your game servers requires careful evaluation of your specific needs and researching the offerings of different providers.


Most of the gamers has anti services for their game projects, on paid basis.
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