Virtual hosting from a dedicated server with only IP available

Started by selearnerlive, Nov 20, 2022, 07:06 AM

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During a recent conversation, I discovered that a friend of mine has been paying $150 per month for website hosting. The website in question consists of only 25 static pages and receives low daily traffic. The hosting company, which is unknown and lacking a portfolio, claims that a dedicated server is necessary due to the high load from subdomains. However, it seems that virtual hosting would suffice and cost significantly less. I am unsure how to differentiate between virtual hosting and a dedicated server, and further research has not provided conclusive answers.

The site is hosted on IP, which has approximately 500,000 sites hosted on it. Various online IP checkers suggest that virtual hosting is being used, but it is difficult to determine with certainty.

The site owner cannot access the control panel due to a contract agreement, and attempts to gain information from the hosting support team have been unsuccessful. Specialists suggest that either ssh or control panel access is required for resolution.

If anyone has additional insights on distinguishing virtual hosting from a dedicated server or accessing control panels, any help would be appreciated.


From the information provided, it seems likely that virtual hosting is being used, as VPS/VDS usually has its own dedicated IP address. It is important to verify if there is a contract in place and if the support and payment transactions have been documented. Requesting payment documents for hosting can provide clarity and aid in seeking compensation if necessary, with the tax service being able to assist.

As for my personal experience with hosting, I use Hetzner for 100 euros and have access to an Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 v3 processor, 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, and dual 4 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm hard drives.

In regards to determining the nature of the hosting being used, it may be helpful to provide the address of the website in question, as the web server may provide necessary information. It is also worth noting that all sites on the given IP address appear to be using the same version of NGINX with consistent caching methods.


It appears that shared hosting is being used, and it is possible that the developers have overestimated the monthly subscription fee. It is important to carefully read through the contract, if there is one, to understand what is included and what payments are required on a monthly or one-time basis. Unfortunately, there are many unknown developers without portfolios who take advantage of people's lack of knowledge about hosting.

Furthermore, the lack of access to the control panel is concerning, as it minimizes the client's ability to manage their own resource effectively. While some web studios may prefer to handle website maintenance themselves, not all of them operate in good faith. If you decide to move away from the current developer and host elsewhere, there may be difficulties that arise, and the hosting provider may not provide assistance since you are a third-party customer. It is important to address these concerns before they become more problematic.


If the IP address was hosting a considerable number of sites, it might be reasonable to assume that your friend's hosting company is using a dedicated server, even if it's not exclusively for your friend's site. However, this is not the case, and it appears that your friend may be being misled. It would be preferable if the developers assigned a dedicated address to the site or opted for a free host tariff, as has been suggested.