My whole web business has gone to hell by OVH

Started by coolbrain, Jun 29, 2022, 09:39 AM

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When I was 20 years old, I started my hosting business and have since hosted thousands of sites and VPS on 40 servers. I purchase servers from various data centers including Hetzner and OVH. Unfortunately, on April 21st we experienced an issue where 19 of our servers were suspended due to an abuse report.

We were told that we would receive an abuse email explaining the situation and how to restore them, but despite numerous attempts to contact support, we haven't received any response in the 17 days since the incident occurred. Each time we reach out to OVH support, we receive the same response that our servers were suspended for legal reasons and that we need to wait for a response from the legal team in Ireland.

Unfortunately, we haven't received any email or response from the legal team, and to make matters worse, we discovered that our suspended servers are being deleted one-by-one without any explanation or opportunity to save the data. We urgently need help from anyone who can provide a solution for us to receive a response from the OVH legal team regarding ticket #5384970 after 18 days of waiting.


It's never enjoyable to have to deal with these sorts of issues. We have discovered that certain large companies don't prioritize their users as much as they should, and depending on the type of abuse, they may be obliged to legally shut down your servers.

This highlights the importance of backing up your data regularly. Unfortunately, you cannot expect OVH to handle the issue for you; it is up to you to resolve the situation with them. Ideally, you should seek another hosting company moving forward, and ensure that you keep offsite backups in case of future problems. Hopefully, you have data backups from other data centers that you can use. You may be able to negotiate with OVH to allow you enough time to remove your data and migrate to a new server.


I am curious if you had received many abuse complaints prior to this incident? Typically, a single abuse complaint would only affect the specific server in question, so I wonder if your account had a history of multiple abuse complaints which led to this suspension. If that is the case, I would hope that you had received prior warnings letting you know that your account was at risk unless the situation improved.

It's also possible that OVH has been instructed by a government agency not to inform you of the situation, but even in that scenario, it wouldn't result in all of your servers being affected. Is there more to the story that you can share?


During the registration process with OVH, no documents were requested, and the VPS server was only provided on the next day. It appears that all purchases are verified manually, leading to slow processing times. Although OVH stated that the VPS was on SSD, in reality, it is on HDD, with SSD only being used as a cache. The disk speed is highly dependent on the time of day and can drop to 6-10 MB/s during rush hour, which is similar to a regular HDD. The maximum speed on the SSD was 150 MB/s, which is six times slower than competitors who reach up to 900 MB/s.

SQL processing speeds are also quite low, taking 4.5 seconds to process complex requests for a database of approximately 1.5 GB, compared to other servers using normal SSDs that take no more than 1.5 seconds. The speed of the communication channel is approximately 20 Mbps, while competitors can handle 80-100 Mbps with ease. In conclusion, OVH's claims about the slow communication channel are true, and server speeds are not as fast as suggested. Servers may work quickly for simpler sites with low loads, but once heavier loads are introduced, low speeds become evident.
After testing the server for a month, it was concluded that it would be necessary to move to another location.


Check if it could be related to one of your clients. The requirements are very strict, if one of them was only suspected of financing terrorism or other illegal acts, restrictions could be imposed on all servers of the hosting company.


I can offer some general advice to help you address the problem.

Firstly, it's important to keep persistently reaching out to OVH support regarding your issue. Ensure that you clearly communicate the urgency of your situation and the potential loss of data. Be polite but firm in your requests for a response from the legal team.

Additionally, consider exploring alternative channels of communication with OVH. Look for any other contact options available, such as phone numbers or social media accounts, and try reaching out through those channels as well. Sometimes, different communication methods can yield different results.

If you haven't done so already, document every attempt you've made to contact OVH support, including dates, times, and modes of communication. This will be useful as evidence if you need to escalate the issue further or seek legal assistance.

Lastly, consider seeking legal advice from professionals who specialize in technology law or web hosting issues. They may be able to provide guidance on how to navigate this situation, protect your interests, and potentially escalate the matter if necessary.