How long can I keep AdSense checks?

Started by hieronymusf01, Aug 05, 2022, 01:45 AM

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hieronymusf01Topic starter

The main inquiry is indicated by the title of this discussion. Assuming I were to receive payment through AdSense, what is the maximum amount of time that the check can remain uncashed? Additionally, are there any limitations on when the payment can be cashed out?


If memory serves me correctly, the check can be kept without being cashed for around 3 months. If left uncashed, the funds will be returned to the AdSense balance. Is there any specific issue with cashing out the payment?

In my experience, I have cashed out through online services, only requiring an endorsement, scanned copy of the check, and passport. However, I had a previous instance where a check remained uncashed for over 6 months, leading me to request a resending of the check through AdSense. This option only works if you have SWIFT as a payment method. Instead of cashing out the check, it was sent directly to me via swift.


If I'm not mistaken, it used to be half a year, after which if you didn't cash out, the money was returned to AdSense account.
Now I have looked at the last receipt and there is no expiration date on it. Possibly indefinite.