Payment gateway for аdult website

Started by richtedy, Jul 20, 2022, 10:49 AM

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In order to receive payments from Visa, MasterCard, and other methods on an аdult website, it is essential to integrate a payment gateway. However, there are numerous service providers available, but not all of them are willing to work with аdult websites. Can you suggest a reliable service that is comfortable working with such websites? Your guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Megan Brown

Describing it as a payment gateway may not be entirely accurate; however, I have been utilizing Digiseller for my аdult website for the past year.
 It is a popular option, offering a vast array of payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard.


Payop is a payment aggregator designed for different types of online businesses, providing payment processing from 170+ countries and 300+ methods, including internet acquiring. The company has been operational since 2016 and can be used by individuals and legal entities. Technical support is available during business hours through an internal ticket system, email, telegram, or Skype. Transaction fees start at 2.4% + 0.2 dollars and are dependent on volume, risk level, and industry. After project verification, payment method selection and activation occur in the personal account immediately. Integration can happen within one working day using API, Hosted Payment Page, or Server to Server.

On the other hand, Payssion is an international payment service provider that integrates various payment methods for businesses worldwide. Founded in 2013, the company charges a commission for each successful transaction but doesn't charge integration, monthly, or hidden fees. Competitive advantages include no risks of chargebacks when using alternative payment methods, covering all continents with more than 200 local payment methods, multicurrency options, withdrawal of funds at any time via bank transfer, and mobile payments using SMS.

Finally, PaySpace is a payment gateway suitable for medium and large enterprises, startups, and businesses looking for high-risk payment service providers. The company has been offering payment processing for over 10 years, and transaction fees start at 1.2% + 0.3 dollars, depending on the type of business, volume of transactions, and country of registration. Integration is possible through API, Hosted Payment Page, virtual terminal, and plugins for popular CMSs.