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Started by JackyN, Oct 29, 2022, 01:47 AM

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JackyNTopic starter

We are currently in the process of purchasing a domain for our company. Our preferred extension is .com. Unfortunately, the domain we want has been owned by an American woman since 1998. Currently, the domain redirects to the website of a trust fund located in the USA.

Could you provide some insight regarding the current prices of four-letter domains that end with IM? We are interested in knowing the actual selling prices.


The domain market on Sedo for four-letter domains in the .com zone has seen prices ranging from $400. Although this is not necessarily a gibberish domain, it is usually sold through auctions making it difficult to estimate their true value.

Based on my analysis of your current financial situation, I believe you may have restricted yourself within a tight budget. Perhaps changing the name of your company would be a cheaper alternative?

there is only one main domain extension in use. This makes it a fixed-price market where you pay what it costs. Domains below the price range of 4-6k are unlikely, and it's natural for some domains to cost between 30-60k. It's important to consider that some domain owners may refuse to sell their domain altogether.


Short and catchy domain names are often in high demand due to their brandability and potential for easy recall. Short domains that end with popular extensions like .com tend to be more valuable. It's also worth noting that the value of a domain can vary significantly based on factors such as its age, relevance to the industry, and overall market demand at any given time.

To determine the actual selling prices of specific domains, it's best to consult domain marketplaces, domain brokers, or online auction platforms. These sources usually provide historical data and recent sales information that can give you a more accurate understanding of the market value for four-letter domains ending with "IM."