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Started by lincon, Jan 05, 2023, 01:16 AM

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Greetings to all!
I'm a fresh addition to this forum and I must say, it's great to be a part of it. Could someone please inform me about the price of CourseClosers .com? According to GoDaddy, it's valued at $1,277.

In my opinion, this platform is ideal for sales representatives who work with course owners and strive to connect them with potential customers. The realm of digital marketing presents a vast opportunity for this market. I'd love to hear your perspective on this topic as well!


The estimations are not absolute. GoDaddy considers earlier sales with comparable keywords, which in turn makes it one of the top keywords. However, refrain from thinking this is breaking news.

Have you ever thought about what a "course closer" actually is and who would be interested in purchasing it? Ask yourself whether anyone can create an elaborate story around a domain name and whether it truly connects with people. In my opinion, the answer is no, as it carries negative undertones. Instead, opt for a domain like open which aligns better with this niche. Notice the distinction? It's always good to keep learning!