How to put a domain up for auction?

Started by CreativeDreamrz, Aug 08, 2022, 01:57 AM

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They inquired through private message about listing a domain for auction on Sedo. I thought this information could be helpful to many others as well. Here's what I've gathered:

Sedo has three types of auctions available - marketplace, premium, and occasional. Marketplace auctions take place daily and last exactly 7 days. You can list any of your domain names for auction here and if someone makes a bid that you're comfortable with but you want to test the waters, you can try to draw more buyers and receive higher bids. If no one matches or beats the original bid, then the domain is sold to the first bidder who made the original offer.

Great Domains/Premium Auctions are exclusive auctions where only high-end domains are listed. They usually happen once a month and require you to reach out to technical support with a request for your domain to be considered for auction. These auctions also last 7 days.

Occasional Auctions are less frequent and can be without minimum prices, based on country or domain zone, or centered around a certain industry like travel or recreation.

This covers what I know about auctions on Sedo. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
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Sedo acts as both a marketplace and broker for domain name sales, providing a platform for sellers to list their domains at a fixed price. It's similar to putting your car up for sale in a dealership with a price tag on the windshield. If you receive a bid that you're comfortable with, you have the option to start an auction and try to get a better offer.

All domain names are initially listed in the catalog, categorized by topic or category, and are available for sale unless you manually move them to "not for sale" status in the panel.


I'm curious if anyone has experience buying domain names on I recently applied to purchase a domain for $70, but after waiting 6 days, I received an email with two options: extend the auction period for an additional $60 or raise the bid and wait indefinitely for another offer.

I expected instructions on how to finalize the purchase since I was the only interested buyer, yet I received these two options instead. Has anyone else had a similar experience? How long does it typically take to acquire a domain name on Is it possible to buy it without raising the bid?