How to sell a domain name on Afternic

Started by Bhuwan, Aug 12, 2022, 01:18 AM

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BhuwanTopic starter

I attempted to auction my old .com domain names through, but it was not successful ((((.

I am unsure whether registering DNS addresses is mandatory for the auction process. Additionally, I do not know the typical timeframe for getting a domain name ready for auction.

Do you have any advice on how to improve my chances of selling my domain names?


Not having to park a domain means it's not necessary to register DNS addresses.
If a domain is listed with a BuyNow option, it can be sold immediately without going to auction. However, if a bid meets or exceeds the Reserve Price, the domain will be auctioned for one week. If there are no other bidders, the buyer will receive the domain at their bid rate.

It is possible for high-priced domains to undergo a review process, which may result in a premium listing or a recommendation on pricing. The review period typically takes a few days and could involve verifying ownership of the domain.


If you want to buy or sell a domain, Afternic is a reliable platform that ensures you will receive the domain or payment. You can either negotiate directly with the owner or purchase it through Afternic.

In addition to its domain marketplace, Afternic also offers a domain broker service. They will contact the seller and determine the price of the domain. If you agree to the price, they will continue to negotiate and handle the transfer of registration for you. If not, you will still be charged for the service.


few tips to potentially improve your chances:

1. Research Domain Market: Conduct thorough research on the current market for domain names similar to yours. This can help you set realistic expectations for pricing and determine if there's demand for your domains.

2. Improve Domain Quality: Consider enhancing the quality of your domain names. This could include focusing on popular keywords, making them memorable, or ensuring they have relevance in specific industries or niches.

3. Optimize Domain Listings: When listing your domain names on auction platforms like Afternic, make sure you provide detailed and accurate descriptions. Highlight the unique selling points and potential benefits of each domain.

4. Set Competitive Prices: Pricing your domains competitively is crucial. Evaluate the market value of similar domains and set prices that are attractive to potential buyers while still reflecting the value you believe your domains possess.

5. Marketing and Promotion: Look for opportunities to market and promote your domain names independently. Utilize social media platforms, industry forums, and domain name marketplaces to increase visibility and attract potential buyers.

6. Consider Brokers: If you're struggling to sell your domains on your own, you may want to consider working with domain name brokers who specialize in this field. They have experience connecting buyers and sellers, and may increase your chances of successfully selling your domains.

7. Negotiate: Be open to negotiating with potential buyers. They may have specific budget constraints or require additional information before making a purchase. Flexibility in negotiation can increase the likelihood of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

8. Showcase Potential: Create a professional and visually appealing website or landing page to showcase the potential uses and benefits of your domain names. This can help potential buyers envision how the domain could enhance their business or online presence.

9. Offer Financing Options: Consider offering financing options to potential buyers. Some buyers may be hesitant to pay a lump sum upfront, but offering installment plans or lease-to-own options can make your domain names more accessible and attractive.

10. Network and Attend Events: Attend industry conferences, webinars, and seminars related to domain names and online businesses. This will allow you to network with potential buyers, investors, and industry professionals who may have an interest in acquiring your domain names.

11. Keep Listings Up to Date: Regularly review and update your domain name listings to ensure they remain relevant and accurately reflect the current market trends. Remove any domains that have already been sold or are no longer available, and regularly add new domains you wish to sell.

12. Utilize Multiple Platforms: Consider listing your domain names on multiple auction platforms, domain marketplaces, and forums to improve your reach and exposure to potential buyers. Different platforms attract different audiences, so casting a wider net can increase your chances of finding a buyer.