After how long can I can take a domain?

Started by Bhuwan, Nov 08, 2022, 04:58 AM

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BhuwanTopic starter

Greetings! I am interested in acquiring a specific domain name for which payment has not been made and is unlikely to be made anytime soon. Can you advise me on how long it would take for me to purchase it? Specifically, I am looking to intercept this domain in the .net zone.

cbinstrument, you can determine the release date of a domain name based on its whois status.

Typically, once a domain name has been disconnected, there is an additional grace period of one month for payment. After this time, the domain is removed from delegation and becomes available for purchase by anyone. If the domain was registered by the user themselves, it may still be possible to acquire it if the registrar is not interested in acquiring it themselves and chooses to resell it.

In some cases, if the domain registration was performed through a company, they may also buy it out and extend its registration for reselling purposes. It's important to bear in mind that the process of acquiring a domain can be complex and may require careful attention to timing and negotiation tactics.