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Started by Koza Dereza, Jun 20, 2022, 11:58 AM

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Koza DerezaTopic starter

Hey beginners,

Everyone starts somewhere when they begin their investing journey. It's important to note that not everyone has the luxury of starting with $5,000, particularly those from developing countries where this amount may equate to two years' worth of groceries. This is one of the reasons why domain investing is such an attractive option - you can start with as little as $500 or even $100.

For those starting with less than $500, it's a good idea to focus on hand registration and actively control your sales, rather than waiting for buyers to come to you. This will allow you to shape your own destiny and build up your sales from the get-go. Once you start making some sales and have a bit of cash flow, you can then consider moving onto more liquid names like 4L .COMs and experiment with different domain extensions.

If you have any questions about hand registration, don't hesitate to reach out to me.


Сергей Нижегородцев

This is terrible advice for those who are just starting out.

You've been bombarding the forum with pointless questions about anything and everything because you're lacking knowledge, and yet, you're dishing out guidance for rookies to register names by hand.

If you're a beginner who's come across this, please do not heed this advice.

There are several professional and courteous domain experts on this platform who share valuable information regularly on how to succeed as a domainer. It's important to show them respect and pay attention to what the actual pros say.


I was interested in information about manual domain registration. The goal would be to address this issue in more detail. Namely, what is the best amount to invest in domains, is it possible to make a profit in the first months, at what level of earnings can you reach over time, and in which zones is it best to register a domain. If you have experience in this area, follow your advice with interest.


There are several methods that resellers can employ for domain name registration:

Manual registration involves the collection of user information and payment, followed by manual domain registration and transfer to the user's account. This process is tedious and dull.

Semi-automatic registration requires a control panel where users can register, submit their data and pay. However, domain registration must still be done manually, along with the provision of user accounts. While it is less demanding than the manual method, it still involves a lot of routine work.

Automatic registration is the most efficient method since it involves a panel with an automatic payment system and independent domain registration without requiring the active participation of the reseller. However, some operations such as price reduction and activation may still need to be done manually, albeit infrequently. This method saves time and best suits resellers.

Ideally, having one's control panel is the best option since primary registrars offer APIs for creating such a panel. However, building such a panel is not easy and requires higher security levels than typical content websites.

While there are resellers who offer domain prices starting from $5 without prepayment, it is difficult to find a list of these resellers. There is no shortcut to finding them, and it requires communication, investment, and negotiation. It is worth noting that succeeding in this market is difficult, and only a few people have been able to earn money in it.