How to connect e-mail for domain name?

Started by Svetlana, Jul 30, 2022, 12:45 AM

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SvetlanaTopic starter

What are the steps to link an email address to a domain? Greetings, I am inexperienced in this area.
Can you explain how to connect email to a domain and provide guidance on troubleshooting if the email system malfunctions?


The downside of the forwarding setting is its impact on spam recognition by Gmail. A key factor in identifying spam is the IP address of the sender, which is lost when emails are forwarded as they are sent from the hosting provider's IP address. As a result, the accuracy of spam detection significantly decreases. Additionally, Gmail does not trust headers with sender IP addresses added to hosting providers, as spammers could manipulate these headers.

Although paid GoogleApps offer an option to trust selected hosts, given that Gmail is more reliable than most homegrown hosting providers, introducing an extra weak link in the chain may not be worth it. The solution is to attach GoogleApps to the domain to ensure Gmail trusts the headers from itself.