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Started by Akisingh, Jan 20, 2023, 04:06 AM

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Can websites be accessed by their IP address instead of their domain name like google.com? How can I find out the IP address of a website? Is there a reason why this may not be possible?


It is possible to access a website using its IP address, although there are some limitations. When sending an http request to http://ip-address/uri, the server will receive a request with the Host: ip-address header. If the server is configured to issue a "default" host, then you will receive data from this resource.

However, it is important to note that multiple virtual hosts can be served on one server, all listening to the same interface. In such cases, the server determines which virtual host to serve by looking at the domain from the Host header. Therefore, relying solely on the IP address to access a website may not always work. It's important to keep this in mind when accessing websites via their IP addresses, as well as to ensure that any security issues are addressed.


Accessing a website using its IP address is theoretically possible, as demonstrated by the example (which currently resolves to Google). However, there are several nuances to consider that may cause issues:

Firstly, the site may check the host itself and not respond to the IP address instead of the domain name.

Secondly, there may be multiple sites hosted on the same IP address, with the choice between them based on the host. In this case, the server may give an error or display the page of the hosting owner.

Lastly, when using secure protocols such as HTTPS, the certificate is issued for a domain name, not an IP address. This means that browsers will recognize the certificate as invalid when accessing a site via its IP address.

It's important to consider these factors when attempting to access a website using its IP address, and to take necessary precautions to ensure security and avoid issues.


To ensure security and reliability, it is recommended to order a domain name from reputable and verified domain name registrars.

Once you have obtained a domain name, you can register an "A" entry in the domain settings on the registrar's website, specifying the IP address of your server. It is important to note that the IP address should be specified without a port. Domain delegation typically takes place within 72 hours, but may occur faster.

Connecting to your game server by domain name is possible if the server uses a standard port. In such cases, simply enter the domain name in place of the IP address when connecting to the server in-game. However, if your game server uses a non-standard port, this port should be specified when connecting. For Minecraft servers, the standard port is 25565. In other cases, be sure to specify the correct port after the domain name.

remember that the specific domain name and port for your server will depend on your individual setup. Therefore, it is essential to double-check and confirm these details before attempting to connect to your server.