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Started by Viktosha, Jul 05, 2022, 07:35 AM

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ViktoshaTopic starter

Hi, what should I do if someone sets up a fraudulent website with a similar domain to mine in a different top-level domain and uses it? Is there any way to restore my reputation?


In order for you to really do anything with a 'competitor', you must have a domain name registration as a trademark. In this case, you can go to court and recover a decent amount from the crook.


If you know that another site is passing a bill, you can file a complaint against it to close it. Perhaps your domain has been bought and it makes sense to change it. Then you need a fight with a competitor that excites its users.


To verify the legitimacy of a website, checking the domain is a common method, especially for popular websites with easy-to-remember domain names. Fraudsters often register domains that are similar to the original website by inserting symbols, numbers or additional letters, changing domain name zones, or substituting letters from different languages.

These small typos can go unnoticed, but it's crucial to check the URL to ensure you don't share sensitive information or lose money to scammers. In addition, checking if the website has an SSL certificate is essential in protecting user data from interception. While https:// is more secure than http://, scammers can still obtain simple certificates, so it's important to remain vigilant.