Can anyone sell these domain names for me?

Started by klara, Jun 22, 2022, 01:36 AM

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klaraTopic starter

I have exhausted my options trying to sell my domains on various marketplaces for prices even less than $30. Despite spending money on a paid ad from GoDaddy, I have not had any success.
Although I considered reaching out to end-users, I do not have the time to do so. Therefore, I am interested in enlisting expert domainers to sell my domains to customers or end-users on my behalf. Commission will be paid only upon a sale being made, and I am willing to offer a 40% commission. The details can be discussed if you are interested.

The domains I have for sale include both lower and higher-value options, with most sites hosted on PorkBun and GoDaddy. Some of the domains expire next year, but they will be renewed automatically two months prior. If you are interested, we can discuss further here or through direct messages.


To be frank, there is nothing remarkable about these domains. It would be challenging to derive any value from them without a buyer showing up. The only noteworthy options are the solid two-word domains like AuditRank and Coinsurances.
I recommend parking these domains as soon as possible, and if desired, adding a "Buy It Now" price to avoid being offered low prices by buyers.


I concur with the previous speaker that, apart from, all other domains have no value. However, even is not worth more than a few hundred dollars.


I can offer some general advice on selling domains. First, it might be worth reevaluating your pricing strategy. If you're unable to sell your domains for prices less than $30, consider adjusting your pricing structure to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Additionally, reaching out to potential end-users can be a productive approach. While it may require some time and effort, it can increase your chances of finding interested parties who see value in your domains.

You could also consider expanding your marketing efforts beyond just GoDaddy's paid ad. Explore other online forums, marketplaces, or social media platforms where potential buyers might be active. Building a network within the domain industry can also help you connect with potential buyers or find recommendations for reputable domain brokers.

Lastly, consider seeking advice or guidance from professionals or experienced domain brokers who may be able to provide insights specific to your situation.

I hope you find success in selling your domains and wish you the best of luck.