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Started by sebastian, Sep 05, 2022, 12:29 AM

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Suppose I acquired a domain name through an auction, but could not find a clear buyer for it. Is it possible to present it as a business proposition? Can I offer the domain myself?

In a scenario where I possess a domain like, and I am not willing to sell it, would it be appropriate to approach a potential buyer like Tabaristan tea and propose it to them? Your thoughts on this matter?


Certainly, it is feasible to make an offer to someone in such a situation. However, doing so places you in the position of the petitioner, which undermines your control over the situation. This is not ideal for successful negotiations.

I previously sold an Austrian domain,, after reaching out to a branding company. Although their offer was low, I accepted it as I realized that it was unlikely anyone else would buy it from me.

When offering a domain yourself, it is unlikely that you will receive a good price. Instead, it is advisable to hold onto it or create a website on the domain to generate interest and demand. Once established, you can then sell the domain at a higher rate, even without the website. This approach can be more profitable in the long run.


It is unlikely that you will receive a good price if you offer the domain to the buyer yourself.

For one, the buyer may not require the domain urgently and may only be willing to purchase it at a lower price.

Alternatively, they may have an interest in the domain, but are not yet ready to pay the full price. This may mean a longer wait for a better offer or agreeing to a lower selling price.

It's important to consider all factors before negotiating the sale of a domain to maximize profitability. Conducting research on the potential buyer and market demand may also help you better understand the value of a particular domain name.