Difference between Escrow and Flippa Escrow?

Started by the_architect, Jul 07, 2022, 05:40 AM

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Could you assist me in understanding the distinction between Escrow and Flippa Escrow? From what I gather, Escrow charges a fee for buying/selling a domain, with a minimum of $25, even if the domain is inexpensive (e.g. $1-2). Conversely, Flippa Escrow seems to be a free service that doesn't charge any fees. Is my understanding correct or have I missed something?


Both services serve as intermediaries during the transaction process. With Escrow.com, you pay for their service, whereas with Flippa.com, you pay for Flippa Escrow's service.

In the case of Escrow, the party that initiates the transaction has the option to choose who pays the commission, and the other party must agree to it.

In contrast, when using Flippa Escrow, the commission is taken by Flippa Escrow rather than the card-holding bank. This is clearly indicated during the payment process.


I recently sold a domain name through the assistance of domainagents.com, an American broker who acted as a mediator for the sale, and utilized escrow as the payment intermediary. However, during the transfer process, a list of restricted countries was discovered, which prevented the buyer from making a PayPal or wire transfer to my bank account.

I had to negotiate with both the escrow and the broker to resolve the issue. Eventually, the broker transferred the funds to me via PayPal, which I suspect is not the norm. Otherwise, I most likely would not have received any compensation since the escrow service itself would not complete the transaction, citing the registration terms and conditions that I agreed to beforehand.