4L Pronounceable & 1-2 words dot COMs

Started by xiaolanzhuji, Jan 24, 2023, 02:22 AM

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xiaolanzhujiTopic starter

If you require immediate cash flow, please provide your domain name and pay the estimated price for a 4L pronounceable/meaningful or 1-2 word .COM.

For a budget of $50 to $2000 per domain, we are looking for a dotcom of one/two words with a minimum GD rating of $2K. Alternatively, we are interested in CVCV or other 4L pronounced/meaningful dotcoms with a similar minimum GD rating.

Our total budget is $15k, with a maximum of $2k per domain. We accept payment via Escrow, Dan, crypto, and other methods.

Kindly send your domain name and requested price, and we will try to respond to everyone. However, if we do not respond, it means that the price or the domain name itself did not meet our requirements.

Thank you in advance.