Are aged domains still in demand?

Started by superjohn, Feb 09, 2023, 02:35 AM

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superjohnTopic starter

Hey there!

Are domains that are between 1-5 years old and have the extensions .com, .org, .net still popular? I've been looking on some exchanges, but I haven't seen a lot of activity in terms of auctions for websites or domains. They seem to be going on rafts for 1-3 bets.

Is there someplace else I should be looking? Perhaps there are specialized websites that focus on domain sales that I'm not aware of?

I recall reading an article that discussed how the age of a domain can impact its SEO, but it's been quite some time since then. Are these findings still relevant today?


In general, it's preferable to have a newer domain name, as long as there aren't many links pointing to the old one.

However, an older domain name may be under filters if it was previously abandoned or hacked. Although it is possible to recover it, this process can be lengthy and challenging, so it often isn't worthwhile.

From my understanding, the age of a domain can still impact its SEO, but it's just one of many factors that search engines now take into consideration. It's important to focus on creating quality content and building strong backlinks regardless of the age of your domain.


Assuming it's just a domain name without any content or activity, it may not be worth purchasing. Search engines typically give new domain names a boost in search rankings, making it advantageous to have a new domain rather than an old one.

However, if you're looking to build brand recognition or need a beautiful domain name, it can make sense to purchase an older domain. Additionally, if there has been a website with the same subject matter previously associated with the domain and it still receives search traffic, it can also be worth buying.