Pre-release domain names research

Started by Jhoell, Mar 31, 2023, 12:15 AM

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JhoellTopic starter

Greetings to all, I trust you are in good spirits.
Is there a way to locate pre-release domains using a given set of words, such as Expired Domains? (I typically search for domains by inputting a list of 50 words at once.) Regrettably, there are no pre-release domains available in this most recent search.
Thank you for your attention.


It's recommended to acquire a CSV file containing a compilation of pre-published domains (e.g. Namejet), as it facilitates convenient searching on platforms like Google spreadsheets (Google Docs) or MS Excel.

In my personal experience, I utilize these lists extensively and conduct thorough analysis using tools like By utilizing Majestic, you can obtain domain-specific information and topics, which can prove invaluable when searching for domains within a particular genre or vertical.

Taking a closer look at the domains via's analysis greatly enhances the process of finding the perfect domain that aligns with your specific needs.