Demand advice: I've got 1 word available in each extensions but . com

Started by RafaelJames, Jul 01, 2022, 12:30 PM

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RafaelJamesTopic starter

I have come across a nine-letter word with the prefix "de" available in the ".com" domain. Do you think it would be wise to purchase it? Additionally, which extensions should I consider registering?

Due to my tight budget, I am hesitant to register the domain unless I am certain that it will sell quickly.


It's possible the word was "detoxify". I had registered it but then allowed it to expire. However, in a moment of madness, I consumed a gallon of floor sealant. This resulted in the removal of half of my stomach and an unusual side effect of becoming a compulsive liar.


Various services exist for generating free domains. Typically, users employ a specific method where they select a main word that describes the website's purpose and browse available pre-made options provided by the service.
From there, they simply add a symbol or additional word to make the new domain name unique. However, this results in numerous similar domain names that can cause confusion.

Thus, it is recommended to create a truly unique web site name. Although it may be challenging given the vast number of occupied domain names, uniqueness is key to making the site name effective.