Demand advice: I've got 1 word available in each extensions but . com

Started by RafaelJames, Jul 01, 2022, 12:30 PM

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RafaelJamesTopic starter

I have come across a nine-letter word with the prefix "de" available in the ".com" domain. Do you think it would be wise to purchase it? Additionally, which extensions should I consider registering?

Due to my tight budget, I am hesitant to register the domain unless I am certain that it will sell quickly.


It's possible the word was "detoxify". I had registered it but then allowed it to expire. However, in a moment of madness, I consumed a gallon of floor sealant. This resulted in the removal of half of my stomach and an unusual side effect of becoming a compulsive liar.


Various services exist for generating free domains. Typically, users employ a specific method where they select a main word that describes the website's purpose and browse available pre-made options provided by the service.
From there, they simply add a symbol or additional word to make the new domain name unique. However, this results in numerous similar domain names that can cause confusion.

Thus, it is recommended to create a truly unique web site name. Although it may be challenging given the vast number of occupied domain names, uniqueness is key to making the site name effective.


When considering purchasing a nine-letter domain with the prefix "de" in the ".com" extension, there are several factors to weigh.

First, evaluate the brand potential of the domain. Consider whether the word is relevant to your brand or has marketable value to potential buyers. Additionally, research the demand for similar domains and assess the likelihood of a quick sale.

In terms of domain extensions, while ".com" is widely preferred, securing additional extensions like ".net" and ".org" can enhance your online brand presence and protect your brand name across various platforms.

Given your budget constraints, it's crucial to approach the purchase strategically. You may want to explore options like domain auctions and marketplaces to gauge interest and potential selling prices before committing to the purchase.