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Started by nick_sinigamy, Jun 21, 2022, 01:29 AM

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Share domain sales completed in this forum

I have been looking for a platform to discuss domain sales for some time now. Criticizing sales goes against the regulations and values of DNray, but sometimes, we are curious about the reasons behind a domain name's sale, especially when sold at a high price. Google doesn't always provide enough information, and I would like to learn more.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Avoid mentioning the domain name in question. Instead of "Google.com," type "G/o/o/g/l/e dot c/o/m," or use images or screenshots.
2. No one is obligated to answer your queries. Some sellers prefer keeping some information private, so be respectful and thankful for whatever they opt to share.
3. You can also use this post to compliment and comment on the Report post. You don't have to worry about downvotes here.


There's a separate thread created for casual discussions about reported sales. It's rarely utilized, except to move unnecessary posts from the report thread.

I believe we should appreciate the information shared with us and not pressurize anyone for more details since not everyone discusses their sales. It's voluntary, and we shouldn't put anyone on the spot by asking too many questions.

However, it may work if A) the salesperson hasn't forbidden additional information in their report and B) they are willing to answer your queries.

But discussing other people's sales without any reason? That's not something I'd be interested in doing.


CRY/PTO/DO/IN/G sold for $199 on Sedo, with a holding time of 6 months


From memory, these are a few websites and their corresponding sold domains:

- 5sevxen.com was my first sold domain that started it all.
- My favorite sold domain is dutchxtouch.com.
- The most interesting end-user I dealt with was for knightshospitallers.com (sold at a very low price since I was new).
- Other sold domains include blackosrange.com, bookmcaker.tv, and whatwomxenwant.net.