Domain name registration in .PRO zone

Started by SerenMckay, Sep 11, 2022, 05:44 AM

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To register a .PRO domain name, one needs to possess a license or other related permission to carry out activities, which can be found at However, despite reading about this topic online and on forums, there remains confusion surrounding it.

Some individuals have reported that a driver's license is sufficient for registration, leaving questions as to how this would work for those in professions such as programming or construction engineering. Furthermore, if an individual possesses a diploma in a non-related field, it is uncertain what steps should be taken to ensure successful registration and verification without the risk of losing the domain down the line.

It is important to note that the registrar may request documents at any time, causing concern for those who want to register and forget about it. People are encouraged to share their personal experiences and any relevant information they may have on the matter. Additionally, the process can be unclear for those wanting to create a website about topics for which diplomas are not readily available.


I registered my first .pro domain a long time ago through Encirca. During the registration process, I entered my diploma number and encountered no issues. Later on, I purchased additional .pro domains through auctions and transferred them to various registrars without any further documentation required.

RegistryPro was the initial registrar that launched the .pro domain zone with the intention of creating a space for professionals. Previously, the process of opening a new domain zone was not as simple as it is now and ICANN required a strong justification for doing so. Providing evidence of one's professional status may have been a part of this justification for the creation of the .pro domain zone.


Recently, I spontaneously decided to purchase three .PRO domains for myself. I had never done so before, but was curious to try it out, choosing two standard and one business key domain. I have listed them up for auction and am uncertain of their true value or potential worth. I will likely make pricing decisions based on market trends and demand.

I have noticed that there are numerous available and aesthetically pleasing domain names in the .PRO domain zone, with many currently on sale.