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Started by tevez, Mar 21, 2023, 12:35 AM

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The platform is decentralized, meaning that transactions are processed by the seller and buyer, not the platform.

You can specify multiple domain names, as long as the price remains below $100, which is the limit for all liquidations.

The display name will last for 5 days before disappearing. If you're interested in domain names, you can either contact the seller directly or wait for the buyer to reach out to you using the information you provided.

The three-day domain limit serves multiple purposes and eliminates the need to update your portfolio frequently.

The settlement service is free, thanks to the platform's noticeable advertising and domain list items. However, if you want your domain to be featured on the main page with an image and description, a fee will be charged. We can create both for you using AI.

Membership on the platform is optional; simply visit the site, enter your name, and add a contact to your list, such as an email or a link to social networks where potential buyers can reach you.

Feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions that you prefer not to share in public.

Note: This project was designed for domain investors and is nearly ready for launch, which may happen today or tomorrow. Instead of reviewing offers received from investors, the project focuses on facilitating transactions.


I agree, it is a great idea! One of the persistent issues I face on similar websites is the ineffective search function.

Finding a decent domain name becomes a cumbersome task that often leads to disappointment and people leaving without a suitable option.

A robust search feature is crucial to filter domain names for potential buyers effectively! A three-day registration period seems fair and reasonable.

However, it would be beneficial if the system can prevent duplicate domain listings within a 30-day timeframe to ensure users don't encounter repetitive options. Is this technically feasible?

In order to sustain the platform, it might be worth considering a nominal membership fee, such as $5 per month or $49 per year.

it would be interesting to explore additional features or benefits that can be provided to members who opt for a paid membership.