Coupon for .com Domain Renewal

Started by Kingvers, Nov 20, 2023, 12:54 AM

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KingversTopic starter

Out of the blue, the card became invalid, and now I need to renew the domains. Hence, I have a couple of questions:

1. How much time before the domain expires can I renew it without incurring any penalties? Is 3 days before the expiration date problem-free?

2. Can I use another person's card to renew the domain? Will GoDaddy raise any concerns if the card belongs to someone else?

3. What is the best available coupon for renewing a .com domain at the moment? The cheapest I found was $14.25. If anyone knows of a cheaper option, please feel free to share.


1. You can renew your domain at any time before its expiration without incurring any penalties. Three days before the expiration date should be problem-free, but it's always best to renew well in advance to avoid any potential issues.

2. Using another person's card to renew the domain could raise concerns with GoDaddy, as they might have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized use of payment methods. It's best to use your own card or, if necessary, ask the other person to make the payment on your behalf directly through their GoDaddy account.

3. You can check GoDaddy's official website or search online for current promotions and coupon codes to find the best available option for renewing your .com domain. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the most reliable, so it's important to consider the overall value and quality of service provided.


Don't get too excited about it, because there are special offers for the initial year of registration or transfer from a different registrar. Why would a registrar bother giving a discount for renewal anyway?


You have the option to extend it for an additional 12 days after it expires, but you will need to pay $80 for restoration during this period.

I believe that the cost of $14.25 is exorbitant. It would be more reasonable to transfer the domain to another registrar and extend it for a much lower price, around $9-11.