Domain .APP, .DEV, .XYZ and .DESIGN from PorkBun

Started by KelpyMson, Dec 10, 2022, 03:12 AM

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KelpyMsonTopic starter

At the PorkBun website, you can obtain domain names for free with promo codes (found below). You can get .APP, .DEV, .XYZ, and .DESIGN domains for one year by entering a virtual card with a restricted balance of $1. However, luck may be on your side and you won't need to enter your card information. If you do need to enter the card, $1 will be deducted but returned, after which you can use the domain for one year.

PROMO CODE : CODENEWBIE - .app and .dev



To avoid charges to your card, remember to cancel the auto-renewal. We suggest using a virtual card with a limited balance to avoid concerns about any funds being taken.

As someone who has had to buy domain names before, this is a great tip! It's always nice to save some money, especially if you're just starting out with a new website. Just make sure to keep track of the domain's expiration date!


Let me explain to those who may not understand what is typically involved in such a promotion. 90% of beginners search for the most affordable registrar, yet it's crucial to look for the most affordable "prolongation".

After selecting a great domain name, creating a website, investing in its growth, and printing out business cards with the address, you will eventually learn that the renewal cost after one year is exorbitant. Unfortunately, there's no turning back at this point.

affordable prices are only useful if they come with manageable renewal fees. In addition, investing in a long-term domain plan can be incredibly beneficial. By doing so, you can avoid unexpected fees down the line and ensure consistent traffic towards your website.