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Started by Harish, Mar 06, 2023, 08:56 AM

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HarishTopic starter

Hi there. Can you recommend a beginner-friendly website builder for creating landing pages that is free, similar to Wix? I am not yet familiar with WordPress, and although I plan on learning it, I fear it will take too much time.

I specialize in pure design and do a lot of work in Photoshop. However, many customers ask for ready-made websites that are affordable, such as ones that are just for business card placement with a domain name.

Alternatively, if you have any great resources for creating websites on WordPress, I would love to hear about them. Thank you in advance for your valuable advice, it will greatly aid in finding a solution.


Creating a website on WordPress from scratch can be challenging, especially for beginners. However, there are helpful resources available to aid in the process. One great option is a YouTube channel that offers a series of in-depth lessons on designing and building a beautiful Landing Page using WordPress. This resource could be of great interest and assistance to those looking to improve their website design skills.


In my opinion, it's important for designers to have a solid understanding of pure CSS and not rely solely on website builders like WP or templates. These resources provide a limited version of what can be accomplished through personal design efforts. I highly recommend taking the time to learn CSS, which is a straightforward process that can be completed in a month or two.

While some may get stuck relying solely on templates and builders, it's important to remember that these tools are best suited for those who need speedy and affordable results. For those looking to truly excel at website design, a deeper understanding of CSS is essential.


It has become a common practice for web studios to create custom CMS platforms tailored to their clients' specific needs. One such studio, the sevseamessage web studio, built a website for me using a personal CMS that was both intuitive and packed with all the necessary tools. Prior to this, I had spent six months slogging through tedious WP video tutorials.

Now, with the new CMS in place, I can spend more of my time advertising and communicating with clients. For those who don't want to invest the time and energy into mastering CMS development, it is often more cost-effective to hire a studio to build a custom website rather than investing in training. After all, time is money!


Nethouse is a website builder that offers over one hundred templates, a block-based editing system, and several tools for creating an online store. For instance, users can send SMS messages to customers about product status, receive notifications in Telegram about received applications, create promo codes, launch mailing lists, and moderate reviews. While Nethouse does offer a convenient admin panel, with access to basic SEO-optimization features such as sitemap.xml and robots.txt, it has some weak graphic settings.

Nethouse is good for creating online stores and sites with large text content. Business cards and landing pages are also possible, but not as ideal considering the limited graphic options. One advantage of Nethouse is its free tariff, with which users can build a small store or event page.

Nethouse offers several different tariffs for paid packages based on user needs, including mobile optimization, unlimited hosting, SSL certificates, product limits, photo storage, payment acceptance options, and more. Users can also access external services, like CRM, for added functionality.

To get started on Nethouse, simply register on the designer's website using social media accounts. New customers have ten days of free access to all the platform's functionality before upgrading to a paid account or switching to the free "Start" package. Users can configure their page via the administrative panel, which includes sections for "Store", "Customers", and "Website Design". Ready-made templates make site creation fast and easy, while blocks can be swapped and customized to user preference. Overall, Nethouse is an excellent choice for users looking to create an online store or site with large text content.