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Started by Aditi Barman, Oct 28, 2022, 10:37 AM

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a person is an admin of two websites, with one being their main source of income and the other just an earnings. due to the crisis, the earnings website stopped making money and the domain registration fee cannot be paid. One day, while on vacation in a remote location, they receive a call from someone complaining about their website not working. The admin asks for the login information but the person doesn't have it, leading to a frantic search for the domain owner who is nowhere to be found. Eventually, the admin manages to pay for the domain without the login information and resolves the issue. However, the incident leaves them wondering how to work with people who create websites but lose all their passwords and can't solve problems properly.

It's surprising how easily some people can forget important details such as login information for their own website. This lack of foresight can cause huge problems, especially during unexpected situations like the one described in the story. It's important to always keep track of essential information to prevent unnecessary headaches in the future.


The domain name remains with the old owner for about a month after the paid period ends, so there's no need to rush.
I'm a bit confused, what is your involvement in this situation?

It's important to know the details of any domain transfer process to avoid confusion and unintended mistakes. It can also be helpful to have clear communication and understanding between parties involved in such transactions.


I need help with a question. About a month ago, I received a renewal warning for my domain name in the Admin panel. However, the domain was purchased on February 21st, and it's only now showing that there are 32 days left until the deadline.
It seems like there may have been an issue with the countdown timer.
I'm also wondering if automatic renewal won't be available this year. Could someone please help me figure out whether I should renew my domain now or if this is simply a mistake?

It can be frustrating and confusing when there are discrepancies in the timeline of domain renewals and countdown timers. It's important to clarify any uncertainties and ensure that the renewal process is completed correctly before the deadline to avoid losing ownership of a domain.