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Started by vinodkumar, Sep 14, 2022, 02:56 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

What is your opinion on the potential of the .CLUB domain name extension?
I had planned to invest in car-related brands within that zone, until I stumbled upon a forum post mentioning their saturation. Upon further inspection, I found that there were indeed numerous available options.
Moreover, it raises the question of who exactly is responsible for registering domain names within that particular extension.


The .CLUB domain extension is currently the second most registered new top-level domain, boasting a total of 356,821 registrations as reported by the national Internet domain CC. In comparison to its competitors, it has surpassed other popular domain extensions like .BERLIN, which has only garnered 255,123 registrations.

While .CLUB presents itself as an exciting and attractive option for domain buyers, it's important to carefully consider the theme and purpose of your website or brand before committing to a purchase. As the speaker noted, they originally struggled to find a suitable name within this extension but ultimately settled on a choice that fit their needs. Taking the time to research and brainstorm potential names can help ensure a successful and effective domain registration.


The concept of using the ".CLUB" domain extension to create online communities centered around specific themes has proven to be successful across a variety of industries. This approach not only provides concise branding, but also facilitates targeted engagement with interested customers.

For instance, the website "coffee.club" was established as a popular destination to purchase high-quality coffee and cakes. Similarly, "kitchenshop.club" and "siriussport.club" leverage this strategy by offering kitchen products and sports-related services respectively.

Meanwhile, "ru-auto.club" emphasizes its commitment to providing roadside assistance by using the unique domain extension. And finally, even language learning has taken advantage of ".CLUB" with the domain name "tv-english.club" for English Club TV Ltd. As traditional domain names continue to diminish in availability, utilizing alternative options like ".CLUB" may prove advantageous for businesses seeking to build a strong online presence.

Bob Bigelou

Not the most promising domain in terms of income from 1 domain. There are tens of thousands of forums (forums) that have names with this domain in the network. Perhaps it will play as an investment option, but so far the trend is not visible - the price is already very low for this domain group ($0.99 per domain). If we talk about registrars, then there are a lot of them. I prefer GoDaddy. It offers a domain for $1 the first year and 21 thereafter.

Jack Call

Not the cheapest niche (zone) for registration. It would seem that from the point of view of resale it has great potential, but from my own experience I will say that everything is not so simple. If even 2-3 years ago you could find thousands of forums and sites with car dealerships, now there are much fewer of them. From this, the price has risen - it is much more difficult to find a free name - most work with abandoned ones. But even so, I recommend purchasing 2 dozen of these names (of course, with a non-gibberish name).