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Started by sam, Sep 28, 2022, 12:03 AM

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Hello there!

I've come up with a plan to establish my very own brick-and-mortar online store, but I'm struggling with selecting the appropriate domain name extension.

Here are my concerns:
- Will going with .com or .co have an impact on my SEO strategy?
- Should I invest in acquiring all available domain name extensions for my chosen domain, such as footballmachines . com .org .co, etc.?

I'm in need of professional guidance on this matter. How can I make an informed decision on this aspect of my business?


Country code TLD extensions (.cn, .pt, .ca) can boost a website's ranking in that specific country, but may hinder its global ranking.

The following are crucial ranking factors:
- Keyword placement in the top-level domain, which indicates content relevance.
- Keywords as the first word in the domain name, which gives sites an advantage over competitors.
- Domain registration period, which is important for predicting domain legitimacy.
- Subdomains containing ranking keywords have been shown to boost site ranking.
- A site's domain history can affect ranking, as changing site owners or lease periods can "reset" site history and exclude links pointing to that domain.

Exact match domains (EMD) were once a popular way to quickly achieve a high search ranking, especially in niche markets. However, Google EMD update has closed that loophole. Instead of complaining, SEO experts should be grateful for the "free lunch" they enjoyed for many years, and find new ways to generate traffic

Zhoshua Adrian

Selecting a .com or .co domain extension will have no impact on SEO ranking, but choosing an extension with a regional reference such as .ro, .pl, .rus, .ndr, etc. may affect impressions in a particular country.

While there is no rule requiring the purchase of multiple domain extensions, larger portals sometimes do so, especially when competing with rivals in SEO battles.


The .co domain has several advantages, including: no registration restrictions or documentation requirements, instant registration after payment, a concise and memorable name, availability for individuals and companies, semantic content understood globally, suitability for commercial projects, popularity among world-famous companies, and the ability to emphasize ideas.

The minimum registration period is 12 months, with a maximum of 60 months. However, the .co domain only allows registration in Latin characters.