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Started by Viktosha, Jul 04, 2022, 03:57 AM

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I am aware that the .com domain is generally used by those involved in commerce. However, I am curious if it is possible to register an exchange under a different domain extension.


Hello there!
.com is one of the domain name connected with commerce. There are a lot of other zones which can be suitable for your type of project. For example, .biz, .finance, .financial, .foundation, etc. So, the strict answer is "YES"!
P.S. .com is from "common", not "commerce" ;)


There are over 550 domain zones that can be classified into two categories: ccTLD and gTLD. National domains are TLDs intended for use in a specific country, and local symbols can be used. Regional domains are used for regions and cities, while international domains can be used in any country.

Thematic domains are suitable for sites related to a specific theme, while some domains have restrictions on registration. The .COM zone is the most popular and can host sites from all over the world, but other options like .TOP or .XYZ are also becoming more popular.
When choosing a domain zone, it's important to select one that matches the site's theme to positively impact search engine promotion.


Yes, it is possible to register an exchange under a different domain extension than .com. There are several domain extensions available, ranging from country-specific ones like .us or .uk to more specialized ones like .exchange or .trading. These alternative domain extensions can help signify the specific purpose or nature of your exchange. However, it's always important to check the availability and registration requirements for the domain extension you have in mind.

In addition to the commonly used .com domain extension, there are numerous other domain extensions that you can consider for your exchange. Some popular ones include:

1. .exchange: This domain extension is directly related to the term "exchange" and can be a good fit if you want to emphasize the core function of your platform.

2. .trading: If your exchange is primarily focused on trading activities, using .trading as your domain extension can help communicate that message to potential users.

3. .market: This domain extension is suitable if your exchange operates as a marketplace for buying and selling various assets or products.

4. .crypto: If your exchange specifically deals with cryptocurrencies, using .crypto as your domain extension can add relevance and authenticity to your platform.

5. .finance: This domain extension can work well if your exchange is more broadly focused on financial services and transactions.

few more examples of domain extensions that you could consider for your exchange:

1. .marketplace: This extension is suitable if your exchange functions as a marketplace for various goods or services.

2. .invest: If your exchange has a key focus on investment activities, using .invest as your domain extension can be a good choice.

3. .trade: This generic extension can work well for any type of trading platform, whether it's for stocks, commodities, or other assets.

4. .global: If your exchange operates on a global scale and serves users from around the world, using .global as your domain extension can help convey that international presence.