How would domaining evolve in some years?

Started by vikov, Jun 20, 2022, 01:11 PM

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vikovTopic starter

In my opinion, the domain industry will see the following developments over the next 5 years:

1) The value of .COM domains will increase even more.
2) Single-word .COM domains will be extremely valuable.
3) A few other domain extensions, including .ORG, .IO, and .XYZ, will become popular.
4) While new extensions will continue to appear, many will not gain significant traction.
5) Due to poor performance by the registry, the value of .CO domains is expected to decline.


I find it unusual that you have listed .XYZ as one of the domain extensions that will emerge, rather than one of the many extensions that fail due to high renewal costs. Nevertheless, I do not believe that .XYZ will experience significant growth.
Ultimately, new trends and fads will come and go, but .COM will remain the dominant extension.


Of course, the future belongs to the .com domain. Moreover, you can buy them from some registrars at a reasonable price, and then it's up to you where and how you can sell the domain with the greatest profit. I think that the business on domains will develop over time, as there is a good profit here, which means that new more interesting offers will appear.


As someone who has created multiple websites, I have gained experience in registering domains and generating unique names. This creative process is both intriguing and financially rewarding. If you possess strong creative skills and can generate catchy and original names with ease, then domaining may be the right path for you. By using creativity and ingenuity, domeiners come up with interesting domain names and resell them at a substantially higher price.

As the Internet continues to grow rapidly in the West, numerous individuals and companies are looking to establish their online presence through their own domain name. Short, memorable names are highly sought-after, making it challenging to find new beautiful names as most of the short and catchy names have already been registered. However, domain registration is a simple and inexpensive process that requires an average of $10 for a one-year ownership period.

As a result, many creative individuals, known as domainers, have begun investing $100 to generate short, appealing domain names and phrases in hopes of reselling them for profit. Even if only one of these ten newly registered domains is bought, it can cover the cost of the entire list and still yield considerable profit.

I have personally experimented with domaining, and even managed to generate a valuable name for a culinary website rated at $620 by a specialized program. Instead of selling it, I decided to use it to create a culinary site focused on healthy food.

Ourel Augest

As for me, in the next 5 years there will be domains that will have something related to coins and nft in their extension. It still exists with coins, but it will get a completely different colour. Perhaps they will come up with a mechanism by which only owners of nft - property will be able to access domain names. This is not fantasy, but the coming future.
XYZ and other junk domains will disappear, and only the really valuable .com domains will remain. org. etc.