What is your sales ratio by domain name zone?

Started by vallam, Aug 23, 2022, 03:43 AM

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vallamTopic starter

Could you provide me with information on the percentage of domain names sold within each zone? Specifically, I am interested in knowing who holds the total indicators. As an example, I have recently counted 50% of domain names sold in the .com zone, with 19% sold in the .co zone, 11% sold in the .org zone, 18% sold in the .pro zone, and 2% sold in the .net zone.


The majority of my work involves the .by zone, making up about 70% of my focus. The .kz zone accounts for approximately 10%, and a group of zones including .lv, .lt, and .ae make up another 10%. The final 10% is made up of various other zones, though I do not often work with those.

It seems that focusing on a few specific zones could be beneficial for streamlining work processes. It's also worth considering if there are any potential missed opportunities in other zones that could be explored. Do you find that certain zones have more demand than others?

Zhess Flatcher

It all depends on which domain zones a person operates, for example, if an entrepreneur deals mainly with .uk domains, then the percentage of sales will be 5% maximum.
Let me tell you about my latest figures. There are 71 domains in total. Of them:
.com - 19
.info - 9
.store - 6
.ist - 1

Again, I have 531 domain names in my (entrepreneur group) database, of which 73% are .com names. The reason is simple - they are suitable for different types of sites.


While I do not have much experience in selling domains, I do have some statistics to share. The .COM zone represents about 90% of my sales, with the remaining 10% being in the .ORG zone. As for other zones, I have yet to register domains there. Perhaps I will explore those options in the future, but for now I am not willing to take that risk.