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Started by Domaining News, Mar 20, 2023, 01:59 AM

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I recently conducted a Zoom interview with Andrew Rosener, the Founder of, to learn more about his life, business, and personal experiences for a DN Journal Cover Story profile.

During our discussion, which lasted for three hours but felt much shorter, Andrew shared valuable insights about his career as one of the world's top domain brokers and provided astute business analysis that can benefit our readers.

In addition to Andrew's life story, I also wanted to ask him about the impact of the current global economic uncertainty on the domain industry. Andrew possesses a remarkable understanding of both the overall economy and the prospects of the domain industry, thanks to his involvement in numerous high-value sales that are often undisclosed due to nondisclosure agreements. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew was among the first to report that business started booming again, contrary to expectations.

Now facing new challenges such as war, inflation, a crypto crash, and bank defaults, it was fortunate that I already had Andrew's insights handy. His timely analysis persuaded me to share his comments immediately in the May 2020 Cover Story. Following this, we will publish a less time-sensitive but equally fascinating personal profile as our next Cover Story in May. At this point, I'll let Andrew take over and share his thoughts.

According to Andrew, it is crucial to separate the macroeconomic perspective from the fundamentals of the domain name industry. From a macro perspective, he believes that although there may be one more significant economic downturn ahead, it is likely to be short-lived but painful. (Editor's note: Shortly after our conversation, Andrew's prediction became a reality when the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, followed by the collapse of Signature Bank. This series of events marked one of the biggest bank failures in American history.)

Regarding domains, Andrew noted that Media Options experienced its worst second half in company history in 2022, with Q3 being the worst quarter ever. However, January and February 2023 brought unexpected success, with February setting a record month. While cautiously optimistic, Andrew anticipates encountering major financial challenges in the near future.