December 2022 Sales. Common Keywords

Started by Domaining News, Jan 10, 2023, 03:49 AM

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The most popular phrases sold in December 2022 include "real estate," "auto sales," "weight loss," "only fans," "house of," "magic love," "work work," "the silver," and "es history." In terms of the most commonly sold words during this month, "the" appears 55 times, followed by "of" and "group" at 19 occurrences each. Other frequently sold words include "my," "and," "world," "news," "shop," "on," and "real."

It's interesting to note the prevalence of technology-related words like "software," "web," and "crypto," as well as the specific mentions of "CBD" and "satta" among the most commonly sold words. This could indicate a growing interest in alternative and emerging industries. Additionally, the prominence of terms related to health and wellness, such as "weight loss," "fitness," and "health," could suggest a heightened focus on self-care and personal betterment among consumers.