Domainers outraged as GoDaddy hikes up commission fees

Started by Domaining News, Jan 06, 2023, 05:15 AM

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GoDaddy has simplified its commission structure across three secondary-market acquisitions, which has led to many domainers making less money in the future from their sales.

The company announced that there will be a standard 25% commission across its Afternic, Uniregistry and Dan aftermarkets, which will be lowered to 15% if the domainers decide to use GoDaddy's name servers for their landing pages.

However, this change has caused some dissatisfaction among Dan's customers who were paying only 9% commission on their sales. They feel like they're losing out regardless of which name servers they use.

Prior to the acquisition, the low commissions offered by Dan had proven attractive to many domainers, but an increase in fees was widely expected following GoDaddy's acquisition last June. Nevertheless, it's good news for Afternic customers who were paying a higher 20%. According to GoDaddy's data, domainers could still earn slightly more depending on the mix of sales marketplaces they use.

These changes will come into effect from February 1 and will impact those in the domain trading community who use the mentioned platforms.


Theft of Domains: GoDaddy's Support System Falls Short

The owner of a first-level domain who is unable to recover their password from xхxхx is accusing GoDaddy of stealing their domain. Despite having been a customer of GoDaddy hosting for over five years, the owner has had no success in retrieving their password despite reaching out to support multiple times.

While the absence of an address in the account has been pointed out, it is unlikely that an account could be registered without one. The owner has attempted to contact or for assistance but has yet to receive a response in over a month.

This situation is not just poor support on GoDaddy's part, it could be seen as theft of a valuable digital asset.


Domainers are individuals or businesses that invest in domain names with the goal of selling them for a profit. They generally buy domains that they believe have the potential to be valuable in the future. GoDaddy is one of the largest domain name registrars, providing services for individuals and businesses to register and manage their domain names.

Recently, GoDaddy announced that they would be increasing their commission fees for domain name sales on their platform. This decision has caused a lot of outrage among domainers, as it directly impacts their bottom line. Many domainers rely on GoDaddy's marketplace to sell their domain names and generate income.

The increase in commission fees means that domainers will have to pay a higher percentage of their sales to GoDaddy. For some, this could significantly reduce their profits or even make it unfeasible to continue using GoDaddy as a selling platform. This has led to frustration and discontent within the domaining community.

Domainers argue that GoDaddy's decision to raise commission fees is unfair and detrimental to their businesses. They feel that GoDaddy is taking advantage of their position as a dominant player in the domain registration industry. Some domainers have expressed their intention to seek alternative platforms to sell their domain names or explore other business strategies.

Ultimately, this situation highlights the challenges faced by domainers and the impact that changes in commission fees can have on their livelihoods. It remains to be seen how the controversy will develop and whether GoDaddy will respond to the concerns raised by domainers.