Keyword-rich domains can make you look like a spammer

Started by Domaining News, Feb 23, 2023, 03:11 AM

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A Google "Search Advocate" with extensive experience expressed his disdain for domain names that are rich in keywords, citing that they give off spammer vibes that can affect your reputation.

According to a Reddit thread, John Mueller answered a user's question about the value of purchasing a two-keyword .com domain for his start-up, which costs $2,000. He gave the following points:

- Keyword-rich domains have negative connotations.
- It is more difficult to pivot operations or expand with a domain that is limited to specific keywords.
- There is no branding associated with the domain, and people will not naturally find it while searching. As a result, you will continually face competition and fail to build up long-term value.

Overall, Mueller suggests avoiding keyword-heavy domains that can negatively impact your online presence.


The Impact of Domain Names on SEO: What You Need to Know

Although opinions differ, experience shows that domain names do not affect SEO. Previously, the Google EMD algorithm made keyword-heavy domains relevant for SEO, but this changed with further Google algorithm updates. While domain names with keywords may still be easy to remember for users, they hold no SEO value. Positioning requires a set of keywords, not just one.

However, the domain itself can impact SEO through factors such as domain age, links, and history. Good domains may not be renewed, giving businesses an opportunity to intercept them and acquire them. To make the best decision for your business, use keywords correctly without cramming too many in. Choose easy-to-remember, type, and pronounce domains that are part of your brand.

A domain that can be used as a brand, like, is ideal. Limit domains to 15 characters and avoid using numbers or custom characters. English names that are pronounced differently than they are written can also confuse potential customers. Don't overdo it with keywords in domain names and focus on creating a memorable user experience.