Microsoft Will Revive Traditional OS Release Cycle

Started by Deepak1, Aug 01, 2022, 01:13 AM

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Microsoft is changing its system for releasing updates and plans to return to publishing major Windows versions every three years, according to sources cited by Windows Central's Zach Bowden.

 The next release is slated for 2024, meaning that the previously planned Sun Valley 3 update for 2023 has been cancelled. The technology company will instead use its Moments engineering program to introduce new features throughout the year in addition to OS releases. Starting in 2023, Microsoft plans to add new features as many as four times per year.

There are indications that a similar approach was used to successfully test a weather widget integrated into Windows 11 in February. The upcoming version of Windows Next Valley is still being developed, with no clear indication yet if it will be named anything different from Windows 11.


There may be more than just 10 versions of Windows, as it's clear that Microsoft will continue to release new versions in order to encourage PC updates.
While releasing each version was once a major event, they now release frequently without significant changes. However, the decision to change the operating system only once every three years is considered unusual by some.


Microsoft has officially released its spring update for Windows 11, which includes new features like Amazon apps and an updated taskbar. To facilitate the changes to the operating system, Microsoft will distribute the updates via Windows Update, the Microsoft Store, and quiet "experience packs" that download in the background. In addition, the older Groove Music app will be replaced with newer versions of Notepad and Windows Media Player through an update to the store.

This move comes after Microsoft stopped its Groove music service, and users should be redirected to the new Media Player app when clicking on "Groove Music" in their app drawer.