ICANN proactively seeks bids for gTLD App Lifecycle System

Started by Domaining News, Feb 01, 2023, 11:31 AM

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ICANN appears to be capable of multi-tasking, as its staff have begun searching for a company to develop an application system, before the board of directors has formally approved the next round of applications.

The organization has released an RFI (pdf) seeking developers for a "gTLD Application Lifecycle System" that will be used by ICANN, applicants and third-party contractors to manage bids from application to delegation.

The deadline for responses is February 24, with an invitation-only RFP scheduled for April.

This ambitious timetable could please those who have been urging ICANN to accelerate its progress after the lengthy and disappointing ODA, and it indicates that the board may be leaning in a certain direction.

Regardless of the approval status, ICANN has initiated the process, which could also allay concerns about its inability to function except in a sequential manner.

Overall, ICANN's proactive actions suggest that it is keen to move forward with the next round of applications, and this should be welcomed by those in the domain industry who are eager for new gTLDs.